If you haven’t read our previous update “Impossible Goals,” go ahead and click here to get caught up. We faced an impossible goal for the summer. God was using it to make us trust Him. In our last update we hadn’t met our goal yet.

The day after I sent our last update God increased our monthly pledge amount to 41%! Although my faith wavered He remained faithful. I think of Jesus sleeping peacefully in the back of the boat as the storm threatens to sink the ship. When the disciples wake Him, He calms the tempest immediately with just two words. Then He says, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

What keeps me from running toward situations that will make my God great? How could David run out to engage a ten foot tall behemoth? Jesus turns to me, looks me in the eyes and says, “Don’t fear, only believe” And so I ask God to help me trust Him more fully. I want to trust Him so completely that if He asks me to make more impossible goals (and I’m sure He will) I will remain confident He will do it.

We need $6600 in monthly pledges to live and minister in Japan. $6600 a month! That’s $79,200 a year! It seems like a massive wave ready to engulf my tiny boat. Impossible. But Jesus is worthy of my trust. He is the God of the impossible. Now we are at 44% of that need.

Trusting is hard for me. Maybe it is for you as well. Maybe God has been working in your heart to do something impossible. Maybe it’s something like giving more to missions or even leaving home to share the gospel in a needy land like Japan. Maybe He’s leading you to live life more intentionally, boldly taking opportunities to share the Gospel with those He has placed in your life. Remember Jesus’ words, “Don’t fear, only believe,” and then trust Him to take care of you, to meet your needs. That’s what this whole deputation time has been teaching me.

Partner with us for our impossible goal of reaching Japan with the Gospel:

Join our monthly support team. If you haven’t already, click here and sign up with a monthly pledge amount of $200, $100, $50 or $20. (Email us if you have trouble with this so we can help set it up.)

Second, introduce us to someone you know who may be interested in partnering with us as well. Talk to your friends, business owners looking for tax write-offs. Ask them to watch our video on our website here. Share our update with them.

And please continue to pray!

Thank you for your interest in our ministry. We appreciate your love and care for us. We are excited and humbled to be working together with you to take the gospel to the many lost in Japan.

Nozomi and I believe that together with you, through His power, we can reach the millions of lost Japanese and see God transform them from the 2nd largest unreached people group to a reached and reaching people group.

If you have any questions please email us. We look forward to sharing more of our burden and vision with you.

We were in the St. Louis area in October. Got to visit my Uncle’s church, Valley Park Chapel. We loved getting to know the great people there… and holding rare butterflies under the Gateway Arch.

We made it back to SC just in time for our sending church, Hampton Park’s harvest festival. Taishi and Emi got their faces painted for the first time by Pastor Conley. Preacher, artist, great combo.