dsc_0059Merry Christmas! It’s that time of year again. Music about our Lord is played on loudspeakers throughout the US (even at Disney World) and as far as Japan! People, whether believers or not, take a little more time to think of how they can show love to others. Many give gifts to their loved ones or favorite charity or both.

Christmas time has always been my favorite time of year. Ever since I was a little child I looked forward to decorating the house with lights and ornaments, sitting around the tree opening presents with my family. Even trying to find where my mom hid the presents beforehand was fun, though I don’t recall ever finding her stash.

This Christmas season I am recapturing the joy I had as a child by thinking about this, God became flesh. God became flesh (John 1:1, 14). The eternal, holy, all powerful, Creator of the universe became flesh to rescue this broken world and broken people from its own depravity. Knowing Him and His grace and truth, seeing His glory is the greatest gift ever! This is the message we want to bring to broken people in Japan.

We are at 45% of our needed $6600 in monthly pledges to live and minister in Japan. That’s a total of $79,200 a year! This month three churches are voting to partner with us. Another church just recently verbally committed to partnering with us once we get to Japan. I’ll let you know next month where we are percentage wise after everything is said and done.

God is good, all the time. He’s directed us miraculously to the area in Japan where we will begin ministry and language school (for me), a place just outside of Tokyo called Makuhari. He’s connected us with various groups of brothers and sisters who are passionate about the Gospel and reaching the Japanese people with it. He already knows who He wants to be our partners in getting to Japan. He has not turned His back on us and He has not turned his back on the Japanese people.

We’re very excited about what God is doing in Japan, and we’re excited about being a part of it. Partner with us in reaching Japan with the Gospel:

Join our monthly support team. If you haven’t already, click here and sign up with a monthly pledge amount of $200, $100, $50 or $25. (Email us if you have trouble with this so we can help set it up.)

Introduce us to someone you know who may be interested in partnering with us as well. Talk to your friends, business owners looking for tax write-offs. Ask them to watch our video on our website here. Forward our update to them. Send us their contact info so we can contact them.

And please continue to pray for us as we look for more partners!

Thank you for your interest in our ministry. We appreciate your love and care for us. We are excited and humbled to be working together with you to take the gospel to the many lost in Japan.

Nozomi and I believe that together with you, through His power, we can reach the millions of lost Japanese and see God transform them from the 2nd largest unreached people group to a reached and reaching people group.

If you have any questions please email us. We look forward to sharing more of our burden and vision with you.

We hope you have a truly merry Christmas, full of grace and truth.

Although the temperature was in the eighties we enjoyed the Christmas decorations and music playing on the speakers in all the places we went in FL.

My parents took the whole family on vacation to FL. It was great spending time with the whole family together. These times grow more precious as we prepare to move to Japan next year.