Mona has a lot of love in her life already. Taishi loves holding his baby sister.

As we mentioned in our previous update, we will be leaving Greenville, SC for Japan on September 13th. Thank you so much for your prayers. We’re excited about everything God is doing as we follow His leading to Japan. He is answering your prayers in an incredible way.

Nozomi and the baby are doing well after a rather frightening, complicated delivery (one month early). Mona has doubled her birthweight in the last two months. Pray for Nozomi’s back as she’s been feeling a lot of pain lately.

Next week I will be flying to PA with our oldest son to speak at a church in the morning and evening services, our last trip on the calendar before we leave. Pray for safety and good opportunities to speak the Gospel into Taishi’s life, to reinforce that he is loved and secure. He’s been needing some good “Daddy time” with everything going on lately. Once we return we’ll be working on getting everything ready to move to Japan!

Right now we’re working on details for shipping some of our household items and books to Japan. If you know of any good international shipping companies please email and let me know. We have an ever-growing wall of boxes to greet our guests as they enter our home here in SC.

Our final push for monthly ministry partners is going really well. We only need $300 a month more in order to leave for Japan (counting verbal commitments). Please click here and sign up with a monthly pledge amount of $200, $100, $50 or $25 so we can leave for Japan in September. (Email us if you have trouble with this so we can help set it up.)

Take 7 minutes to watch our video about the need in Japan and visit our website here. Let your friends know about our ministry by posting our video or website on Facebook.

Our family picture for Mona’s two month birthday, she’s growing so fast! Thank you for your prayers for her. 最愛2カ月。最愛の為にお祈りを感謝します。

It has been such a joy having my grandparents nearby for my children. My Japanese grandmother gave us a scare a few weeks ago and was in the hospital for a week. She’s home now and enjoying being with her great-grandchildren. 過去7年、祖父母が、私たちの子供たちの近くにいれたことは本当に感謝なことでした。祖母は数週間前に体調を壊し、入院していましたが、今は自宅療養中で、ひ孫たちが遊びに来るのを楽しみにしています。