One of the hardest things for us to do is leaving our church family at Hampton Park Baptist Church. We love our church. They have displayed God’s love to us in uncountable ways. We hope to reproduce communities of believers living “life by the book” in Japan, not just because the Japanese people need it, but because we need it as well. Our commissioning time was such a blessing to us. アメリカを離れる時の、辛いことの一つに、愛するハンプトンパークバプテスト教会を去ること、が挙げられます。数えられない程、神様の愛を示してくださった兄弟、姉妹を覚え、私たちも又、日本の地で、”聖書に生きる”、このコミュニティを形成していければ、と祈ります。それは、決して、日本人だけでなく、私たちも必要だからです。コミッショニング集会は、とても祝福された時となりました。


We left our home, our church, and our family in Greenville SC on September 13th. Right now we are in Seattle visiting my brother with my parents. Our flight for Japan leaves tomorrow morning at 5 AM PST. Please pray for us during this long trip. We will be arriving in Japan on September 20th at about 1:30 PM.


We needed a few hundred dollars more per month in order to leave for Japan the last time we wrote. We have now exceeded the necessary amount needed to leave and are almost at 100% of our estimated amount needed to live and minister in Japan. We are a little over 96% now.


If you would still like to partner with us, please go to our website at and click on the “support” button or click here and sign up with a monthly pledge amount of $200, $100, $50 or $25. If the support page is confusing please call our mission board at 603-821-5232 so they can quickly help you set up monthly support over the phone.

God answered your prayers for us as we had to work out shipping our belongings to Japan. We were afraid that once the company took everything, they would increase the quote and there would be nothing we could do. However after they took everything Yamato charged us $500 less than their original quote! What a blessing!


Also, your prayers were answered concerning getting our house ready to rent. God provided renters who were ready to move into the house before we even finished getting everything out of it. God is good.


Continue to pray for God’s grace for Nozomi and me during this stressful time, that we live out God’s love and patience to each other and to the children.


Continue to pray for our children as they experience a life-changing journey ahead of them, that God will show them He is all we need so we need to cling to Him. Especially pray for Taishi who is really feeling the pain of all the goodbyes. He has told Nozomi and me multiple times a day that he does not want to go to Japan for 4 or 5 years. He loves his friends and family.


If you haven’t already, take 7 minutes to watch our video about the need in Japan and visit our website here. Let your friends know about our ministry by sharing our video or website on Facebook.


Justin was a good tour guide taking us all over Seattle.

We had a number of loved ones who came to see us off in Greenville.