This is a picture of when we visited Miss Cochran in January with the whole family. God worked it out for my brother-in-law Atsushi, Nozomi and me to visit her the day before she passed away. She couldn’t respond to us, but we sang Amazing Grace in Japanese and English. Then Atsushi prayed in Japanese and I prayed in English with her. She was greatly loved.

We started off May with “golden week” (the first week of May when many companies have off work because of multiple national holidays). We enjoyed time with family, visiting various places in Japan with my brother, who paid us a visit. It was refreshing spending time with my brother, although I do think I ate too much ramen.

We are ending May with the funeral of a dear fellow missionary who has been serving in Japan for about 47 years. Miss Martha Cochran taught Nozomi how to play piano among many other things. She was a kind, gracious friend to me. She suffered the last 3 years with ALS but even in her suffering she was encouraging those around her. Her pain is now gone. Her suffering is over. She finished her part of the race. Now she waits for the rest of us to finish ours. We will miss her very much.

We’re starting to get used to life in Japan a little. Please continue to pray for us in this area.

Pray for the kids. They are still struggling and pushing back against us lately. Pray for God to give Nozomi and me wisdom to show grace and love to each other and to the kids as they are still struggling with such a huge life-change.

Taishi just participated in his first undokai (Japanese field day)! His team, the red team, won the day’s festivities. Thank you for your prayers for him to do his best in school and to show Jesus’ love to friends (and siblings).

Keep praying for Kensei’s eye problem. We have a follow-up visit in June to check if Kensei has had any progress. All the doctors we’ve visited in Japan mentioned Kensei will most-likely need surgery.

We are still praying for Gospel-centered Christian friends and fellowship.

Pray for me as I continue in my Japanese studies. I finished my first textbook last week! God is good! I am now a little over halfway finished writing my testimony in Japanese as well. I’m definitely past the level I was previously and learning something new every day.

We are still praying for wisdom to know if God would want us to get involved in planting an international church here in the KaihinMakuhari area, while I’m studying Japanese. We can definitely see a need in the area for a Gospel-centered international community of believers (church) with an eternity-focus. As far as we know there are none in the area.

Continue to pray for Christian unity here in Japan. The body of Christ is so divided here over preferences and traditions when it should be united over doctrine. Most Christians do not understand that we are the Church, not a building or meeting. Many think the Gospel is a get-out-of-hell-free ticket and fail to realize it is so much more. The Gospel is the power of God for the believer to live every day in the light. Please pray the Christians here will understand the importance of this and the significance of this for our everyday lives.

We went with Justin and my sister-in-law’s family to Fuji Safari Park over the holiday. The kids love spending time with their uncle.

Justin wanted to try one of only two Michelin Star ramen shops in Tokyo. I was happy to go with him. Nothing like a Michelin Star meal for the price of a Five Guys burger.